Zoover owner’s account

Owners of accommodations can register for their own owner’s account and have the advantage of adding their own chosen photos, videos and other information about their accommodation. They can also respond to guest reviews.

Feel free to create an account and register as owner of your accommodation.

Registration & Manual

Click here to create your own free Zoover Owner’s Account and register as owner of your accommodation. An Owner’s account lets you take advantage of all the options on this page.

Download the manual of the owner account here.

The manual is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Turkish and Dutch.


You can add photos and videos to complete the portrayal of your property. If you have rebuilt or refurbished, this is an ideal way to show your guests what they can expect.

Promotional material

Zoover offers promotional material that can help you get more reviews. The small review cards are easy to hand to your guests when they check out. You can distribute the review cards and stickers throughout your accommodation.Read more about our promotional material.

Altering details

Zoover shows information about onsite facilities however this is often incomplete. Please add any missing details, update your contact information and indicate on the map where your accommodation is located.

Question and answer

In addition to leaving reviews, Zoover visitors can pose questions about accommodations before or after they have booked. Many questions are waiting to be answered by other Zoover visitors or by you as an owner.

Responding to reviews

Owners have the opportunity to reply to guest reviews. Both when someone shares a lesser experience on Zoover and also when a positive review is posted. In this way you show potential guests that you care and take all reviews seriously, that you are concerned about your guests and your level of service.

Why reviews?

Over 90% of holidaymakers visit Zoover before, during and after the holiday. To read reviews from other travellers, to get ideas and inspiration, or to post a review with photos and videos. Read more about reviews and ratings. The strength of a good rating lies in the numbers. The more reviews your accommodation gets the higher it appears in the Zoover search results. A review consists of several accommodation specific aspects such as location, food and value for money.

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