Zoover is the online platform in the Netherlands

Since its start up in 2005 Zoover has grown from an attic office into an international organisation.

While Zoover’s domestic market is the Dutch speaking consumer, it also has sites in 25 other countries. With 150 million visitors annually, Zoover is the most visited holiday platform in the Benelux.

Zoover contains more than 3.2 million reviews of more than 400,000 accommodations in more than 45,000 destinations worldwide.

Zoover is the online platform in the holiday and leisure sector which brings consumer and market together. Every month millions of visitors consult Zoover for reviews and the best holiday offers.

The platform helps visitors find what they are looking for; the most interesting country or that charming city with that wonderful hotel or breathtaking museum.

Important announcement!

In recent years the focus within Zoover has shifted from international to national.

As of the beginning 2019, Zoover is focusing on Dutch speaking holidaymakers living in the Netherlands and Belgium. In terms of website development on Zoover.nl the content focus is on collecting reviews in Dutch.

This means that the review flow will shut down for all other domains except for Zoover.nl by September 2019. For some websites, the review flow will shut down earlier. This means it will no longer be possible to upload reviews on these websites.

If you have any questions about this then please contact owners@zoover.nl.

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Our visitors

Most Zoover visitors go on holiday two or three times per year. Most popular are sun destinations and city breaks in Europe around the Mediterranean, but also far-flung destinations including Egypt, Curacao and the US.

Zoover visitors like certainty. They make online comparisons when selecting their holiday experience by looking at other people’s opinions.

90% of holidaymakers check reviews before booking their holiday.

60% of our visitors indicated that they attach great importance to owners’ responses. Responding to reviews is the best way to show that you value the opinion of your guests.